KANKAWA(Organ) プロフィール

1983年、キングレコードよりアルバム「HOBO’s Blues」を発表、メジャーデビューを果たす。
1991年 ニューヨーク市長より「The best artist of the year」賞を受賞する。
1996年 ビクターレコードよりアルバム「BⅢ」を発表

これまでに、アメリカを代表するテキサステナーのアーネット・コブ(sax)、バディー・テイト(sax)、新主流派を代表するジョー・ヘンダーソン(sax)、Mr.Blue Noteと呼ばれるルー・ドナルドソン(sax)他、ゲイリー・バーツ、レニー・ホワイト等数々のジャズのメインストリーマーから、デイビッド・サンボーン、デニス・チェンバース、ダリル・ジョーンズ、ハイラム・ブロック、アンソニー・ジャクソン等数々のフュージョンのスタープレイヤーとの共演、またソウライブやDJ LOGICなどクラブシーンの人気ミュージシャンとの共演を果たす。国籍、年齢の垣根を超えるミュージシャンズ・ミュージシャンが King of Organ KANKAWAである。

New York、東京の名門ジャズクラブ、ブルーノートの出演や、日本、アメリカ、ヨーロッパのジャズ・フェスティバルの出演を重ねる。


Swing Journal 2008 3月号 
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Legend of Jazz Organ from Tokyo

Toshihiko KANKAWA(Blue Smith) was born in Osaka, Japan. Starting piano lessont at the age of three, he made his professional debut at 18. He moved to the U.S. the following year where he studied under the Organ Master Jimmy Smith, having received a great impact from his music in Los Angeles.

1978, KANKAWA(Blue Smith) played regularly in one of the most popular late night TV programs called "11PM" for two years.
In 1983, he released his first leader album "Hobo's Blues"
In 1984 "Quarter Run" in whichi Jimmy Smith played as a guest.
In 1986, Blue Smith(KANKAWA) played in the first Mt.Fuji Jazz Festival Blue Note with Lou Donaldson, a rare opportunity given to Japanese musicians by the major summer jazz festival known to feature top international artists. 
In 1986, He had the tour with Body Tate & Arnet Cob, In 1987, with Joe Henderson. 
In 1988, with Rechard Tea & Cornel Dupree.
Blue Smith(KANKAWA) continued to play jazz festivals and tour clubs in Japan and became the No.1 jazz organ player in Japan. 
After releasing another album "Mr. Soulman" in 1987, and he moved to New York in 1989. He played in jazz festivals around the world, including the North Sea Jazz Festival, and performed at clubs in New York. He also had regular combo in Harlem, And he got a price for one of the most great artist from NY mayer of the year, New York.
In 1996, Blue Smith(KANKAWA) went on to create a new type of music, inheriting the tradition of jazz, but at the same time incorporating essence of funk, fusion, and rock. With album "BIII"
In his new album, he has succeeded in creating another dimension in the organ music. The album was also released in Europe.(by JVC) In 1998, 
In 1999, he continued to create his own style music with Dennis Chembers, Phill Upchurch.
In 2000, he released his own album with Japanese famous fusion musisians.
In 2001, He introduced Jack Mcduff to Japan, and played 2-organ concerts and had the live recording albun "organ meeting".
In 2002, Blue Smith(KANKAWA) had a great successful Japan tour entitled "Organ Jam 2002"with a star band of the New York Jam scene, "SOULIVE" with his new project named"KANKAWA122". And released album by Pioneer. In 2003,
He had the tour with Gary Bartz, and then, he had live recording for CD"Jazz Time". In 2003 Nov. he had the tour with great turntablist DJ LOGIC from NY and had live recording for CD "Key Click".
In 2004, he had the tour with Hiram Bullock from NY and had live recording.
In 2006, he made his own Jazz album "Jazz Time3 - Soul Finger-- Tribute to Jimmy Smith".that many great guitorists(Phil Upchurch, Mark Whitfield etc.) participate in.
In 2007, he made his own free jazz album "Reminescence Miles"
In 2008 March, the most famous Jazz magazin "Swing Journal" chose him the artist for the introduce his history.
In 2008 Des. he made two his leader albums with Japan pop artists, and Japanese top DJ's remix.
In 2009, he is trying his first album of Rock.